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Crash Repairs

Crash Repairs

Manufacturer approved repair centre

  • Having your car repaired by ARC means your safety and that of your occupants is assured.
  • ARC focus on partnering directly with vehicle manufacturers to produce safe, high quality repairs.
  • We are proud to be an authorised accident repair facility for many major car manufacturers.
  • Manufacturer Certification is an achievement that requires large investments in equipment, training, dealer sponsorship and ongoing third party audits to maintain the required standards.
  • Only approved bodyshops can guarantee your vehicle is repaired properly, using genuine manufacturer parts and procedures.
  • Your peace of mind is guaranteed knowing your car has been repaired EXACTLY to the manufacturers specifications.

Panel Repairs

Repair – not replace! We are experts in the field of innovative car body repairs. Our groundbreaking Express Line repair centre features professional, high-quality and cost-saving techniques in line with manufacturer’s specifications. Check our website for the latest repair concepts, up-to-date repair know-how for steel and aluminium as well as our comprehensive menu pricing system. 

  • Bumper corner scuffs
  • Scrapes
  • Small dents
  • Scratches 

Bumper corner scuffs, scrapes, small dents, alloy wheel repairs etc can all be repaired to as new condition faster than ever before.

Aluminium Repairs

Aluminium repairs from ARC

Accident Repair Centre has a dedicated aluminium vehicle repair facility. We designed it to meet manufacturer specifications. Our team of highly trained technicians includes specialist aluminium experts.

ARC is one of only a few facilities in Ireland that is manufacturer and insurer approved for aluminium structural and non-structural repairs.

Aluminium and steel are two totally different materials and therefore require different skillsets, tools and equipment for a quality repair.

Many leading vehicle manufacturers are now using aluminium to build their cars as it is a greener product. The materials are much lighter and they absorb impacts better. Due to the lightweight construction they are also more fuel efficient. 

Our expert technicians have been trained to manufacturer standards in all aspects of aluminium vehicle repairs. We carry out structural repairs to the highest, Category A standards, for all manufacturers of aluminium vehicles.

As an authorised aluminium bodyshop we have access to repair procedures and training from manufacturers to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard. The standard set by the manufacturer!

SMART Repairs

Damaged VW

SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique.

SMART repairs can be used for a range of problems including small dents, bumper scuffs, scratches, kerbed alloy wheels, dent removal (including PDR paintless dent removal), headlight lens restoration, colour coding bumpers, mirrors, trim etc.

ARC offer a cost effective complete vehicle SMART overhaul to return your vehicle back to as new condition.

Paintless Dent Removal

ARC have a Paintless Dent Removal service that offers top quality, low cost, speedy and efficient repairs.

The PDR is carried out by a highly experienced technician and it takes many years to perfect the processes involved.

The repair process is carried out using levers instead of traditional panel beating techniques thus avoiding the need to treat and re-spray complete panels.

The technician works on localised areas which is perfect for small scale impact damage where the paint surface has not been broken.

This would be typical of supermarket carpark dents etc.

See our Photo Gallery for more PDR examples.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels and diamond cut alloys come as standard on the majority of cars these days. Accidentally hitting a kerb or a pot hole can cause cosmetic damage to the face of the wheel such as scuffs, scratches, chips and can also cause structural damage such as cracks and buckles. The ARC repair team can quickly refurbish, paint and polish your wheels back to their original condition.

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