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Express Line

The Most Cost Effective & Efficient Repair Process In Ireland

At Accident Repair Centre we are proud to unveil our new facility. This dynamic new innovation, the first of its kind for Ireland, extends over 30,000 square feet.

Our bespoke, custom designed bodyshop is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in the bodyshop industry coupled with the very latest vehicle repair techniques and equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers.

This exciting project has taken over 5 years from conception to completion. A careful blending of knowledge, technology and attention to detail gives the Accident Repair Centre a seamless and highly efficient repair process.

  • Are you tired of looking at small dings, dents or scuffs on your car bodywork?
  • Are you thinking of trading in your car and want to maximise its value?
  • Is your car about to reach the end of its PCP term and you are worried about being penalised?
  • Would you like to restore your tired paintwork back to new or just give your pride and joy some TLC?

Express Line uses a rail on which the car moves sideways for the various different phases of the repair process. From metal work, body filler, primer, masking, painting, unmasking to finally polishing
ARC are the 1st in Ireland to invest in this highly efficient and innovative new repair process

Express Line at ARC

The advantages of the Express Line process are:

  1. Our technicians are working continuously on the repair throughout the various stages
  2. Drying time for body filler and primer are virtually eliminated due to the innovative technology used along the line so everything moves a lot faster
  3. There is no “downtime” so costs are reduced
  4. The Express Line process never gets interrupted by vehicles moving around the workshop floor
  5. Faster results which cost less means a win / win for our customers

All vehicles are repaired with only three movements, made in sequence, without waiting

ARC Express Line reduces “key to key” time, material and labour costs and thereby costs to our customers

ARC Express Line boasts a 40% increase in efficiency for 80% of repairs. This means a 4 day repair now takes between 2 and 2 and a half days

We see many vehicles returned to our customers within 24hrs

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Express Line
Express Line from ARC
Express Line from ARC
Express Line from ARC
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