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De-fleet is the process fleets go through to get vehicles ready for auction or resale.

Fleet managers are often responsible for the supervision of the de-fleet process including arranging smart repairs and reconditioning the bodywork of the vehicle.

This is where ARC can be a vital partner to fleet managers in speeding up the entire de-fleet process. When speed is of the essence ARC is your No.1 go to bodyshop and can minimise delays and depreciation.

As a fleet manager you may have experienced the frustration of waiting inordinate lengths of time for your vehicles to be returned from your de-fleet service providers.

How can ARC help you?

With our new Express Line facility we will have your vehicles ready for re sale in the shortest time possible.
Our unique process has capacity for up to 120 vehicles per week.

ARC will tailor a de-fleet package to suit your requirements.

Phone our advisors to find out how much we can save you.

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